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About Varied / Student Member Ratessa19/Female/Poland Groups :iconszczurzyslawa-fc: Szczurzyslawa-FC
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What Program do you use to draw?
Paint Tool SAI User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelAdobe Illustrator User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelAdobe Photoshop User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelGimp User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel

What graphic tablet do you use?

Cintiq 13 hd

What tools do you use when drawing traditionally?
Everything that comes in handy :B But generally:
-Pentel automatic pencils 0,35 and 0,5 HB, F, H, 2H,
-Used to use microns fineliners, now I use copic multiliner (SP) brush, SM, LM, 0,1 0,3 and Faber Castell's 0,4 and 0,6 Ecco pigment
-Koh-i-noor progresso woodless crayons and watercolor ones
-Winsor&Newton watercolors and watercolor markers
-koh-i-noor inks of all colors
-rarely oil and acrylic paints of brands that I do not care for 
-regular paper for almost everything a part of paints. Then I use 240/300 one and for oils/acrylics canvases and carton 3 or 2mm

Are you a self taught artist?
I finished an art high school of fine art, but there they did teach me nothing about tools, composition, shading, colors, barely about any anatomy. I feel like a self-taught especially when it comes to animation (no one taught me that)

Do you believe in talent?
Yes, yes I do. Some people no matter how hard they try, they won't be able to be good at something, the "thing" will be missing forever (like Mike's situation from "Monster university"). Highly talented people can achieve some stuff easier, faster, better because of their natural predispositions. I do not claim myself talented, at least not in art, everything I achieved was through hard or not so hard work (it usually was fun and just doing it), but results weren't showing gradually. They just popped outta nowhere, like suddenly you can do this, you can do that. But what I believe is that is was because of years of training before. 

How long have you been drawing?
Since I was able to hold a crayon or a brush. But I started to try to really learn something at age 13 (even if I attended art classes since age 5, it was more like "we let you draw while supervising you" "D because seriously, what can you say to such a kiddo about anything "what art should be")

How do you get inspired to draw?
I don't "get" myself inspired, it's more like... it just comes. And usually I always have something to draw because of my herd of over 300 OCs, written rps, music oh lot, lot of music, daily life, colors, sudden thoughts. I never force it, why would I. 

Can I talk to you? Ask stuff?
Yes, yuss always ^-^ I love to listen (read xD?), answer, try to help, advise even! I can be rude sometimes, but it mostly occurs in my real-life relationships "D 

Can I draw any of your characters?
Yus, do it, always, ahhh~

Do you do art trades/commissions/requests?
I rarely do art trades, I almost never do requests. If I do, I announce it by journals~ commissions are soon to be opened, and pricelist with my status about this thing will be featured in the title of it, on my profile page~

I still am doing kiribans! The number of pageviews to catch is under my nickname on my profile page

What I can do with commissions from you? 
Almost everything a part of claiming that picture is yours and commercial use unless it was determined while ordering. But then I charge more. 

Can I use a character of yours in a RP?
Nope, they're my beloved babies. But you can pair my OC with yours (but plz ask or do it as a flirt at first or you know), do some interactions, poke them on FB, whatever ^-^ but please, still be respectful

EU 36
UK 3 1/2
USA 4 1/2 

How long does it take you to do an animation?
It depends on type of animaton~
But usually sketch takes about 5-10 minutes, inking 1-2 hours, coloring is two times that per 10 frames. But it depends a lot also on style. But it takes a lot

In which program do you do your animations?
I used to do some sketches in Gimp, now I use entirely Photoshop (CS3). When I need to make it into a more complex one, and put together with music etc, I use Adobe Premiere Pro (CS3)

How do you deal with an art-block?
I... don't ^^; If I have to do a commission and have no "inspiration" nor willingness to draw, I or force myself and just do it or I get terribly late with doing it waiting for "better times". If it's art for me, I do it when I want. When I don't want, I just don't draw. But it is a terrible habit, and I know and recommend to at least doodle something daily to keep your hand in shape, in the flowww. It can be ugly, terrible, what-so-ever, even if it lasts for weeks, months, keep doodling if you can't force yourself to do anything more complex. I had a period in last year that I drew nothing for months and oh I feel till this day that I it was a mistake (terrible art and even worse anatomy in it xvx). So, what I have to learn and say is "a doodle a day keeps art-block away" because when you draw, it will eventually go away, but if you don't... you never know when you're ready again to draw (because I separate art block and lack of ideas a little bit. You may have many ideas but just be totally unable to draw them or anything. And that's what I call an art block)

How much time a week you spend drawing?
It strooongly depends. As I answered I sometimes do not draw at all, and lately I have a drawing-rage, producing drawing after drawing, like 3 a day. When it comes to an amount of time... I doodle during lessons almost everyday, what gives at least 3h a day, but sometimes I just sleep instead of doodle so yeah... And sometimes when I have to finish projects I draw for 9h straight a day

Is there something/someone what/who motivate you to draw in special way?
Music, dreams and my sick mind. Also :iconaladyllus: and :icondomisea: a lot. Though :icondronta: sometimes kicks my butt too. 
And ooh MY OCs. And sometimes pretty photos. And nice pieces of clothing. Yus. a lot. 

What is your fav thing to create?
Stuff that can bring some joy into other's life. Even if I'm ruthless cruel rude bitch "D. So it doesn't matter if it's uplifting animation, chibi gift or dumb doodle in someone else's notebook

Do you tend to leave your drawings unfinished, or you fight with yourself to finish them?
It... depends XvX When you look at the size of my sketchdumps you can clearly see that there are a lot of never finished sketches. But I really often force myself to do something to the end. It is hard because I'm ass-slow with art. (usually)

Do you draw in public (during lessons etc)? If so, do people try to beg you for drawings?
I almost always draw in school during lessons, and take my sketchbook whenever I leave my house for longer than a day, but people never beg me for pictures. One reason is that I apparently am a terrible artist xD Second one is that I am a student in an high school of fine arts... so everybody here can draw (better or worse but still no one gives a crap about my skills). It's me who beg for drawings from other students TvT

What you do not like to draw? OH STILL LIFE. lives. I HATE IT SO MUCH. I mean it has a potential to be enjoyable SOMETIMES but... but when you were forced to draw those boring pieces of agghh for 5 years you want to puke with it =3=

What technique (paints, pencils, with mouse in ms paint etc) is hated by you?
I guess that if I'd lose my tablet and been forced to use only touchpad or mouse... I'd hate it. But sometimes when I'm too lazy to turn on my cintiq, I color with touchpad xD 
So what I hate are dry patels :1 and drawing with charcoal :1 take it away from me =3= also doing complex paintings with acrylics. I prefer oils much more and use acrylics for flat colors and watercolor feel on carton on big pieces of "art"~ it is useful sometimes

Why do you draw at all? For pleasure or maybe for getting a job?
If I'd like to get a job, I'd be suddenly interested in law or biology (medicine). I just do it. Sometimes outta rage, sometimes outta euphony, but usually just. To make ppl happy or inform others what happens in my sick mind. It was always a natural thing, like talking or watching TV, reading. Woven into me. daily life. And stuff. Yeah it just happens. I'd love to have a job connected with art, but I guess I won't. I'm not the artist who others like to commish, I am bad at advertising myself, and no one will employ me with no art university/ academy (even if with my diploma I'm claimed a "professional graphic artist" now.) Also, patreon .:Bullet:. Patreon  prolly wouldn't work for me either, because people who cares a little bit for me, does not have money. They never have. We are all poor, poor people. 

Thanks for questions to :icontribik::iconpluviacinis::iconev-oo::iconfyrrea: lemme squishhh youuu Llama Emoji-53 (I Liek Your Cheeks) [V3] 

You can ask me more, oh, always!


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